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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inspiration from Antica Treasures

This is my favorite of the bracelets created with charms from Antica Treasures. This is "Adele's Bracelet". Jane Eyre was Adele's tutor. From the movies I remember seeing Adele and Jane sitting outside or going for a short walk. All the pieces in the bracelet relate to those scenes. In addition to the brass charms there are vintage beads, vintage flower cabochons and a vintage brass locket. The only thing missing is a pair of ballet shoes. Adele always danced around and pretended to be a ballerina.

Inspiration From Antica Treasures

This month a new category, "Books We Love was added to The Swallow's Tale. This the Jane Eyre bracelet and the beautiful charms, crystals and chain are from Antica Treasures. The new pieces are beautiful with great detail, terrific quality and they were manufactured in the USA. There are many beautiful pieces in the boutique and they are all brimming with inspiration for something new and creative.
Jane Eyre was the first "classic" I read as a 6th grader and I do believe I have seen a a fair number of Jane Eyre movies as well. But, I still prefer the book.