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Sunday, September 19, 2010

French Homework

Alors, nous sommes dimanche!! Il faut que je faire les devoirs, mais je prefere d'ecriver a ce blog. domage, n'est-ce pas!! That's the extent of the French today!! Seriously, I am taking a 301 French course which is an introduction to French Literature. The entire class is conducted in French. Everything is understood, all the reading is comprehended in depth, but I STILL CANNOT speak French. It is driving me nuts? Any helpful hints?

Our current piece of literature is La Vieille Dame de Bayeux, a detective story written by Georges Simenon. The detective's name is Maigret and the most interesting scene so far is when Maigret walks into the Procureur's office as a clumsy detective, bumping in to things, acting silly , etc. And right there in the text it is mentioned about this being a caricature of a French detective with the only thing missing-a moustache. Immediately who do you think of? Yes, Chief Inspector Clouseau. La Vieille Dame de Bayeaux was written in the early to mid 20th century and already there was an inspector Clouseau stereotype!! I had no idea. Perhaps this is a "duh" moment pour moi!!

Well, I HAVE to do my homework. A bientot.
Sorry there are no accent marks. Can't figure out how to do them .

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  1. Bonjour!

    Il y a quelques annees de cela mais je me souviens tres bien mes difficultees a faire juste l'inverse: apprendre l'anglais!
    J'ai appris toutefois bien plus vite une fois que j'ai lu un magasine, vu quelques films et surtout fraterniser avec d'autres femmes! Aussitot qu'elles decouvraient que j'avais besoin d'aide, tout le monde s'y mettait!
    Bonne chance!
    Need any help to translate? Let me know!
    phjones1954 at yahoo dot com