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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Arrivals at The Swallow's Tale

The Swallow's Tale has some new bracelets that I thought might be fun to make and wear. They are part of the Vive La France category and are titled Vignettes au Jardin. They are whimsical charm bracelets . The inspiration for their creation was my backyard and the great number of trees I have. I like to think the trees are guardians or scribes and will remember everything that happens in the garden. The bracelets are made with a brass tree branch, beads or pearls and have three little charms on one of the small branches. I have priced them to be affordable so everyone can think of the trees and the memories they certainly must have! The bracelet in the picture features the moon, a brass leaf and a vintage black bead. The beads around the bracelet are vintage, too! When I look out the window at night the moon is framed by the trees in the backyard. The glow keeps me awake sometimes. I tried to show that with this piece. The picture is a bit disappointing-I took about 25 pictures trying to get a shot that showed how detailed and luminous the moon bead is. Well, not too successful! It IS lovely "in person", though.

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  1. The bracelet is lovely, the pic too! I love all your jewelry, you are so creative. ; )


    From your friend